Am a focused and compassionate& biochemist with demonstration skills in working with people with the ability to employ a range of investigative, diagnosing RNA and DNA of medical importance which also includes recording and analysis technique to increase scientific thought, rationales and approaches ability to undertake practical laboratory investigations in a safe, responsible and ethical manner.

While much of my experience has been in the medical world, I actually realize that the exceptional contribution of Stem cells therapy in the world generally cannot be overemphasized.

When I studied the biochemistry of stem cells I realize that it is not only preventive but curative. No wonder the whole world relied on stem cells as the new innovation of technology in the health sector to treat Covid19.

I work closely with healthcare professionals and medical doctors to help them provide the best possible information to an audience of patients.

I strive for continued excellence by providing exceptional contributions to patients and all who wants to enjoy an optimal healthy lifestyle.

My responsibilities include:

  • Creating awareness on today leading cause of premature death
  • Understanding the principle of alternative preventive medicine using stem cell therapy which is STC30 (STEM CELL TOTAL CURE)
  • Providing remedy without surgery
  • Using functional fiber to create a beta cell
  • Giving an expert Advice on how to take precautionary measures and prevent deadly diseases
  • Follow up on effective health management on our patients and many more.

For enquiries and purchase, you can call me on 08100980779